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Telephone: 07590 468799 : Email: info@ipro-tech.support

iPro tech support offer a range of services aimed at helping the home user and small business with their computers, tablets, smart phones and even smart TV’s. We come to you so you don't have the hassle of finding and trudging to a store. If you are having difficulty with a device, call us to see if we can help.

Many small businesses do better when they have an Internet presence. Many firms want a website but are worried about the cost and future maintenance. We offer a personal and low cost web design service that includes domain name and hosting. If you need a website, we can have you on the web in next to no time! Contact us for a free quote.



Monthly Support Plans

We provide a unique service to take the worry out of paying for tech support. For a fixed monthly or yearly payment you can be covered for any callouts that you may need. In the case of PC's or Apple computers we can include regular maintenance within your plan.

The Silver Surfers Plan

Want to learn how to use email? Stay in touch? Be safe online or just want to feel comfortable with technology? In recent years there has been an ever increasing amount of retired computer and tech users. We think its great that so many senior users want to jump on the information super highway! We have many people over the age of 60 that love our service. We like to call them our silver surfers. We provide maintenance and training for that new computer or tablet that you may of just bought. Ask about our special monthly plan available exclusively for our older users.